​high peaks inspections

​home inspection services

​Since no two homes are the same, no two inspections are the same.  Factors include:

size, age, location, and

​services rendered.  Larger homes have more to look at, thus take longer.  The older the home, the more there is to inspect.  Your location will also determine the fee, a reasonable trip fee may apply.  Willing to travel to serve you better!!  Please call or e-mail me

​for complete pricing and


​*Pricing starts as low as       $250, depending on         size, age and location.

*Homes over 3000 sq. ft.

  additional charges may       apply.


​*Homes built before-1970

  additional charges may


*Duplex or Apartments up

  to 4-units

​  $200-250 per unit.

*Outbuildings or detached

  garages add $25-50

*Complete Home Inspection

  for the buyer

*Pre-Listing Inspection

​  for the Seller

​*Annual Home Maintenance

  Inspection for the


*PDF E-mail copy available

​*Serving the Colorado Springs area as well as the smaller communities of Eastern, Southern, and Central Colorado.

* Credit Cards Accepted

   thru PayPal

* cash/checks accepted

*please mention if active   military